Should we genetically modify humans?

Due Date: April 14th

Task Description

Should we genetically modify humans? You will be designing a wikispace page which will answer this question. This is a one-world webpage, not an essay, so I am not expecting an essay. You also need to include all the relevant parts of a one-world assignment.

Things to consider:
-How would it be done?
-In what cases might this be justified?
-What are the disadvantages?
-What are the one world issues? (political, economic, social, religious, etc)

Click on your name to go to your page. It is here that you will be working on your wikipage. (remember that I can track any changes! So only modify your page!)

Genetic Modification in Humans Search Engine

(Use to help you search for information about genetic modification)
Keywords: Genetic engineering, genetic modification, problems with genetic engineering, social issues, issues

Genetic Engineering Wikipage (A,B) - 0708.doc

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