File Naming Policies (G7-12):

If you are going to email me assignments, the following things must be done:

1. The name of your document should read this:
Lab Report - LabFirstnameGradeNumber.doc
One – World Essay - FirstnameGradeNumber.doc
Homework Assignment - HomeworkFirstnameGradeNumber.doc

John Doe in grade 10 sends me a one-world essay: EssayJohnG10.doc
Kate Jones in grade 8 sends me a lab report: ReportKateG8.doc
Min Suk Kim in grade 7 sends me a lab report: ReportMinsukG7.doc
Min Ji Lee in grade 12 sends me a homework assignment: HomeworkMinjiG12.doc

*If this is incorrect, I will not take the assignment.

2. Check with me the next day that I received your homework. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW IF I RECEIVED YOUR HOMEWORK.

3. If you do not do the two things above, I am not responsible for work that I did not receive. I teach over 100 students, and cannot possibly keep track of this without your help.

4. Also if your name displays in a language other than english, I will not know who you are. So include your name in the message.